Baccarat Betting Method Nine Style Treasure

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White and Yellow Playing CardsIntroduce you to a good betting method! Winning for 2 weeks in a row, for your reference! The nine-style cable that allows you to be ahead of the dealer!

In fact, not everyone knows a good method, and the so-called truth can only be held in the hands of a few people. Otherwise, it would not be said that only one of a thousand gamblers can win money. Now I will talk about one of the methods first. Use this method to earn some money. You can earn it! Take your own experience.

1 2 4 (6, 2, 4) (11, 3, 6) (19, 6, 12) (33, 11, 22) (57, 19, 38) (100, 34, 66) This is a nine-type cable Of all bets.

Let me talk about how to use it.

Before gambling, prepare 233*3 base codes (in case of unfavorable circumstances, the cable will be disconnected before earning much. If the cable is disconnected at the beginning, you must be patient and continue to operate it. In the end, it will be a positive number. Has been tested in thousands of rounds)

B: Banker P: Player

Press P throughout the whole process. When B opens 3 hands in a row, stop betting until P comes out, and then play P. At this time, the situation is BBB. The loss of -1 -2 -4 is -7 yards in total. After P is dealt with, the next bet will be 6 yards on P. If it is hit, 2 yards will be placed on P in the next hand. At this time, if it is still in the hand, a total of 8 yards will be earned, 8-7 =1, it still earns 1 yard net; and if it doesn’t, it will press 4 base yards. If it hits at this time, 6-2+4-7=1, it still earns 1 yard net. If the 4 base codes are not hit, the next bet is still 6 base codes, because at this time the first (6, 2, 4) offsets each other, which is equivalent to a new one.

If the 6 base codes are not in the middle, the pressing method in parentheses will be increased by one level (11, 3, 6) and the same as the first time. Each subsequent time will be the same as the pressure method in the first bracket. It should be noted that, whenever B opens 3 hands in a row, it will stop betting and will not continue betting until P opens. For example, BBBPBBBPBPBP

When opening BBB, -1 -2 -4 stop, P open, then BBB, -6 -19 -33 stop, P open, then BP, -33 +57 BP, -19 +38. At this point, it is completed, the result is zero with.

The advantage of this method is that the first three hands only need one to make money, and the last nine hands can earn back the previous losses as long as the second two rounds, and it does not require two hits to be separated. It is suitable for all kinds of roads, and Powerful.

The dead spot of this method is: BBBPBBBPBBBB. (BBBPBBBPBBPBBB as for this type, because the third P is hit, which offsets the last two Bs, which is equivalent to BBBPBBBPBBB) So BBBPBBBPBBB is also the only dead spot.

Now explain the theoretical basis for this method to lead.

To appear the way BBBPBBBPBBBB, the probability is 0.5 to the 11th power, that is to say, theoretically, 2048 times, there will be only one dead spot. With more than 2,000 hands, P can appear about 1,000 times. Under normal circumstances, more than 1,000 P can capture about 800 to 900. The most conservative estimate is four to five hundred. In this case, even after the cable is broken, you can still earn a few hundred base yards. So, as long as you play this way for a long time, you will always be ahead.

In fact, there is another mathematical knowledge involved.

Card Game, Casino, Poker, Playing CardsIt is the normal distribution and normal regression problems. Everyone knows that if you keep betting or idle (big or small) with a flat bet, the final result will basically reach a balance, and you will be drained by the rake. Everything in the universe is presented in a balanced state. The pressure and leisure of random events, big and small, are all presented in the same amount (a lot of samples). After opening multiple Ps, you will have a winning streak. After a period of time, a number of Bs will be opened to offset it, which is also a return to normality at this time.

Our lead lies in two points. First, we won all in the long leisure time, and we avoided the long time (only the first three losses). Second, when the normality deviates, we lose a small basis code, and when the normality returns, we earn a large basis code. This can be a simple example. For example, when the normal return deviation, we lose 3 times, each time 1 2 3 yards. When the normal return, we earn three times, each time 4 5 6 yards. The result is that the normal distribution is balanced. There are more base codes.

After a lot of data testing, normal will have short-term regression in the short term, so I designed a conservative regression method that only seeks two middle positions! Having said that, I think everyone should have no worries. I have already explained the operation and theory of this method.

Everyone remember that to play Baccarat, you must develop a long-term daily profit plan and implement the plan strictly according to the plan in order to get a more generous return! If you blindly bet with a large bet, you can only lose and you will lose everything.

Why is it that only a very small number of people can make money for a long time by playing Baccarat, because they all know the truth that a small profit is equal to a rich one!

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